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Nisa Last Exception

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okay i fix ist but i don't know what was the problem Oo ...


my steps:


1. run only with nisa and ww --> run okay

2. put step by step the other mods in the mod folder --> anytime there is the LE warning

3. new downloading the nisa update (the same is in my mod folder) and replace it ..and also remove the translation package --> run okay ..was ist the translation or the new update downloading ? ....

4. download the new Update to Basemental Drugs --> run okay

5. Test ---> put the translation back in the folder --> run okay

6.  Test 2 --> remove the Bastementals --> run okay


.. finaly .. i new updated the nisa and basemental mod and don't delete anything

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18 hours ago, rockstarangel495 said:

Nisas_Last_Exception.txthelp please this keeps popping up in my game

First of all=

-Your game needs to be updated. (update it in origin).

-NWP needs updating to v2.5a

-BasementalDrugs needs to be updated. here=https://basementalcc.com/download/


-Delete the "WickedPerversionsMod" file in your "saves" folder'

-Delete the "localthumbcache.package" in your "Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4" folder


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I need some help!!!! My game is freezing and keep stopping. I downloaded the Life tragedy mod, some cc's, and basemental Mod. Now i have extreme lags. And when it pop up that my wicked whims isn't properly functioning, nisa lte, and also mcc and i click it. The damn game stop :(

lastException_63725085065.txt lastException.txt lastException_63725086713.txt lastException_63725087746.txt lastException_63725088658.txt localthumbcache.package Old_WickedWhims_v153c_Exception_13_May_2020.txt

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5 hours ago, Nhd1 said:

Nisas_Last_Exception.txt 471 B · 0 downloads


None of my furniture are in my homes, and I can't even place items down. Please help

Move your entire Mods folder to Desktop temporarily.


Delete your localthumbcache in your TS4 folder whenever adding or removing mods.


Next do an Origin repair... (your game files might be corrupted)


Test in game without any mods first to make sure game is working OK, but don't make any saves yet, just exit the game.


OPTIONAL METHOD: Load game only to the map screen but don't load your household, then do a 'save as' called Testing.

(This will clean your game save)


If game is working now, or if you used the OPTIONAL METHOD above, move your Mods folder back into TS4 folder.

Delete the localthumbcache file again and test in game.


Be sure Wicked, Basemental, & Nisa's WP, etc. are updated to latest versions.

Nisa's WP & Kinky Whims have to be updated when you update WickedWhims.

So don't update WW until the others have also been updated or else things will break.  

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er LL.2.6a at Time: 06/03/20 18:58:42 on Windows with WW v155g and Basemental 5.11.121 on
 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\utilities\hazard_detector.py", line 70, in wrapper
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\utilities\interactions\base_interactions.py", line 64, in store_result_for_outcome
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\wickedpervs\custom_tuning\slutting_interactions.py", line 72, in on_interaction_end
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\wickedpervs\sex\prostitution_sex_init.py", line 31, in nisa_start_slutting
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\wickedpervs\sex\sex_init.py", line 93, in nisa_start_auto_sex
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\utilities\turbo_calls\hybrids\sex_locations.py", line 377, in nisa_find_sex_location
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\utilities\turbo_calls\hybrids\sex_locations.py", line 288, in find_nearest_special_locked_room_location_for_sexing
  File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_6a\NisaK\utilities\sim_utilities\build_buy\lot.py", line 30, in __init__
TypeError: get_all_block_polygons() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

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