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any urinating mods?

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What would be completely awesome if someone took the basic hygiene mod and added the bathroom effects.  It already shows your character taking off their pants and squatting to "do their business" but it doesn't show anything else.  I'm sure some awesome modder could add the desired effects for the benefit of all. 

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I've found it interesting that there is all kinds of mods, and even a (visual) menstruation mod for Oblivion now, yet animated peeing has never been created for any TES game. Morrowind had Babies, Prostitution/Sex, even animated sex (eventually), and "The crappy mod" & Bath mods that let you do their purpose, unanimated. Oblivion had that, and more, yet, this concept still eludes it. Skyrim, well, has many fans but still needs to recreate many of its predecessors greatest feats in adult (& non-adult) modding, this wouldn't even rank with what people would like to see in that game.


Could the 3D Orgasm mod be a basis for animating the stream, and the poses used for positioning? HUD bars & other physical need mods could also be used as a model for a 'pee meter', and if anyone knows of an appropriate pose, I guess desperation/accidents could also be thrown in for full effect.

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Indeed a valuable idea for the concept. My eternal gratitude would go out to anybody who might eventually make such a mod possible, hopefully also including male characters because of the potential for, erm, 'watersports'.


I sure wish I had the skills to pull this off myself. More knowledge about a lot of things are required than I currently possess. But me wantz it NAO!

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The easiest way I could think of making such a mod (and I say this with almost no knowledge of modding) (the concept I had in mind is very similar to what trex suggests) is taking the basic needs mod, adding a 'pee need meter' which should basically act very similar to any other need, only instead of consuming food, drink or sleeping you press a key that initiates an animation (I thought of taking one of hentai's (I think it was his\her mod) pose mod and animating the pee poses) and by pressing that key your character is in fact relieved for the next 4-6 hours. 


When the need arises maybe a warning message will appear, telling you to find a quiet spot to do so, and maybe even requiring you to remove the greaves \pants to pee. AND (this is the part where I'm getting excited and carried away! :idea: ) maybe even if you choose to ignore the message and hold it for too long (~1.5 in game hour)

you will be forced into a peeing animation, probably like the one from Nudeshy X. only with a leaking effect added and a damaged personality or agility. (How can you sneak when you are all soaked and smelly ? :D ) 


Obviously there might be an easier way or a smarter way, the reason behind this concept is because it takes most of the things from other mods, which for someone like me MAY be possible.

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It's true, the resources are all readily available. Putting them together is the only feat nobody has pulled off yet as of now.


The status bar is in line with the meter for sexual excitement from 'Lovers With PK Extender' and 'Lovers Aphrodisia HUD'.  The poses (that mod isn't actually by the legendary modder Hentai, it's a 2ch mod with Hentai content named after this Japanese generic term for fetish pornography) are already there in perfection, though they are static and not animations. A skilled animator might use them as the groundwork for animated urinating stances - could even randomly assign several animated poses for the act of relieving the tension.


And it's a good idea to use '3D Orgasm' for the animated stream as effects of emitting stuff from the nether region is already in there as a particle effect it seems (so the mod's name might actually even be misleading).


Detrimental status effects and forcefully emptying of the bladder are icing on the urinal cake. I would so love to sneak around soaked and smelly...


I remember an image a member once posted of a naughty heroine 'p-bagging' a defeated enemy. Even this would be possible with such a mod.

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Yeah, as long as permissions were attained, I don't think borrowing things with due credits given would be a problem. An additional feature would of course be an .ini file (common for lovers mods) so personal tastes for times ect could be accommodated. 


This post got a bit long, no technical help, just my thoughts again.


1. An interesting aspect for 'pee need meter' would be a special function that could either be automatic or manual (spell/key press/menu setting) pregnancy detection. Pregnant ladies cannot hold it as long so that aspect would also be an extra feature that could possibly be incorporated into the same setting for frequency/hold in time. 


2. Getting more complex, basic primary needs integration (that 'needs' mod iirc doesn't conflict with lovers (fatigue issues) such as vim & vigor does), as in, drink alot, it is detected, it boosts the 'pee meter' in either a direct boost (+10 on each drink) or speeds up the, um, pee accumulation rate.


3. Drunkenness would be a great 'pee endurance/bladder shrinker', as in, the more drunk you get, the less you can hold (both duration and amount). Amount actually could be discounted, as drinking in itself, if the point above is worked in, would boost the pee meter anyway. 


4. Nakedness penalties (Joburg) would be great too, peeing in public should be both sexually risky and perhaps a fine? 


5. Swimming could be icing on the cake. Why receive penalties when you're in a river/lake/sea? Maybe a prompt to pee (lol) if your lady is more refined or perhaps you're using a house mod with a pool? 


6A. I like the penalties for sneaking. Perhaps a final optional addition could be toilet paper integration? IIRC, tamago discharge adds toilet rolls, and paper is in the basic hygiene mod. Optional integration with those mods, or even a new item for those wanting only this mod, could add bonuses after peeing? Or mitigate any possible penalties? 


6B. A dual setup, as in a bathing mod I once used, where soap either added bonuses only, or negated penalties could work well. Some wouldn't want to RP as much as penalties, but my ideal set up would be a slowly building penalty on each uh, pee, that could easily be remedied with a quick dip in any body of water.


6C. Toilet paper of any kind, has to be used during that pee, and it would only stop the penalties from that pee from adding onto any existing penalties. IE, Today I peed twice without TP, and on the third I used it. Instead of 3 lots of penalties (to personality/sneak?) I only have two. 


The last point/feature could involve some scripting, but I think as the hygiene mods do have similar growing penalties, it may not be too difficult. The TP usage thing might be hard to do though, if the game can't handle non-sequential penalties/bonuses. I'm speaking from a zero experience-in-CS background so honestly I dunno lol.



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@trex When it comes to permissions, I'm not so worried. It's true that contacting such modders may be hard but some modders grant free permissions in exchange for credit. This needs to be checked.


About pee accumulation - I like the idea alot ! Maybe for every drink you consume above the required amount will extended the peeing animation length by a multiplier times the drinks you consumed! Let's say you need to drink like ~3 drinks every 12 hours or so (perhaps not very realistic for the reason that  you need to play the game eventually, hehe.) and for every unnecessary drink the animation is lengthened by 15%-20% ?  While the normal peeing time will be 5-6 seconds ?

(my char is going to drink tons of mead, I can already tell)


The Joburg idea is nice, but I'd like it to be more forgiving, I mean that having a quite corner with no one watching being enough for not being bothered by guards or pervs, like in the IC Market District, near the wells in the small gardens, or the gardens in the Elvens Gardens District, or maybe in those pools near every gate is good enough for me, of course owned estates will be risk free.

Perhaps combining it with the sneak detection thingy will be sufficient ? :D (If you are undetected, you may pee safely.)

BTW, the "Cover Yourself" mod could work great with that!!!


@Poontank The peeing spurt texture that comes with the 2ch pose mod is IMO more pee like , maybe animating it as well is possible ?


@Poontank + trex 


I'm glad you liked the sneak penalty thing ! :)

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This is becoming a more fascinating concept with every new post... A mod like that is becoming more feasible with such creative input.


That texture is indeed great, I'm already using it for something else pee-related. Exchanging the texture from the '3D Orgasm' with that is the only logical thing to do and very easy. Too bad I don't know (yet) how to edit the particle effect itself to make it more like a stream instead of the cartoonish 'burst of jellybeans' it originally is. I would love the effect to look like a real stream, complete with trickling and droplets. Forceful at first, slowly dying down later once the character is running dry.


And ideally with a puddle forming on the ground. I remember at least one of the poses does have a puddle, that's why it is my favourite pose in regards to this effect. My favourite stance of the four poses is the last one with the legs spread as far as possible. Peeing proudly, granting onlookers a generous view of the glorious process instead of just shamefully squatting down.


As you can tell I'm getting carried away with enthusiasm, it's very exciting...

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Wow, On your first mod point, I was just thinking about that. If you like that idea, that'd be a great bonus feature. Length could be set to percentage, with a minimum of say 10-15% (a minimum isn't really required, but having 0.5 squats would look a bit odd)?


Yeah, Joburg's FOV could be too harsh. Sneak sounds fair, perhaps an alternative (for those with poor sneak skills) could be to have a small radius/perv boost effect, so only the most pervie of pervs or people immediatly next to you would take interest? That may be harder then implementing sneak, whatever's easier really.


One other thing I was thinking about, was FEAR. This might be hard to implement as a set pose as being smacked down by an ogre (lovers motion) would break a timed pose, but if an animation could be played over the pelvic region on any pose instead (a pee animation, akin to 3d orgasm that plays on button press?) it could be played at the player's command during anything considered fear inducing. Such as brutal monster rapes/slave mod. Maybe this idea is too much, but it would tie in with RP loss situations well, and by being an optional button press, need not be in everyone's game should it not suite their taste.


A timed fear pose could be difficult to find and mod in as well, the animation mentioned to be used above could even simply be patched over from the one to be used in standard poses. 


Poontank, yeah this concept does have quite a few interesting facets that I'm surprised haven't had more interest in being modded in. Perhaps the guy that was working on combining the 3D Orgasm/Lactation mod might be interested in this project? It's a pity that both those mods couldn't be combined, maybe with time. 


That raises one small issue, on how this would be compatible with those mods. It doesn't have to run its animations at the same time, but can there only be one emission point for effects such as these (one mod in the load list)?

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@Poontank I agree! Those 4 poses are spectacular. Perhaps even using a special pose for certain conditions like detected\undetected. And assigning different positions to your character's personality, like in Loversvoicessplus ?! Oh damn...  :wub:


A puddle forming, with changing a stream is probably the best thing this mod can achieve when it comes to animations, exciting indeed...  

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That raises one small issue, on how this would be compatible with those mods. It doesn't have to run its animations at the same time, but can there only be one emission point for effects such as these (one mod in the load list)?


I guess several mods can share the same 'emission point', the pussy in this case. Depending on what animation plays/which mod is currently inducing an animation, the particle effect will change accordingly. Just a naive guess as such technical stuff is way too complicated for me to wrap my head around it.


But now that you mention running a pee mod alongside other mods it's opening the way to fantasize about new and even more kinky possibilities:

What about urination during masturbation? Either at will or involuntarily? Or during sex in general? Combining the urination with '3D Orgasm'.

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Hey that's an interesting combination I hadn't thought about. I think with a key to play that animation at will, a modified animation(s) could be set up so a player could solely play the animation(s) without the pee poses. That way, it could add in on-demand peeing for any situation a player may fancy.


So a general key/menu setup that factors in pee poses with animation, and perhaps a 'wet yourself' pose.


Then a separate key/menu for just animation(s) to be combined with all other poses. A menu for the animation-only key would probably only be needed if say there was a range of animations (variations) that could be selected. The menu thing for that situation might be hard unless Lovers Animation/poses (masturbation?) were set to call on 'ending' poses that would line up with the pee animation, so say you want to masturbate lying down, and want a possible animation with puddle (horizontal stream), as the poses play randomly (iirc) you could end up finishing with yourself standing up, and thus wonky animation. But for controllable sex, it'd work fine with some forethought of the player.


Now for 3d Orgasm + Pee, iirc I think 2 points on emission are possible but not three, so yeah, peeing while having a 3d orgasm is workable, but not lactating and peeing, as that'd be 3 points of emission.

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Finding the right keys to map such functions to will be quite a task... From a lot of tool mods I have installed many keys are already taken. My example might not be the norm though as most people aren't using that many mods with extravagant controls and lots of additional keys (I'm using customized controls anyway because I'm left-handed).


Ideally the main peeing function should be mapped to the 'P' key. Only logical.

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Yeah, the P key would be ideal lol.


I guess that making the key player-mappable via a text box/menu select popup could solve such an issue. Using LoversHooker as an example, it has the spell 'lovershooker diary' that has a menu selection screen that allows its disable/enable approaches key to be changed anytime. A simpler yet less ideal option would be to have the key selected by the player on mod initialization, such as loverstripper and other mods. 

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