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Joystick/Force Feedback Game Recommendations?


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So, got myself my first joystick for Christmas, a Saitek Evo Force. So, any recommendations out there for games that are fun to play with a joystick, or especially with the force feedback? Can't wait to try it out on Kerbal Space Program, or Planetside 2.


Shooters, Simulators, what ever it may be.

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No one? Screw you guys then. :P


Seriously' date=' I'm in the mood to fly around a jet plane and dog fight or something. :\



The only one I've ever played with a PC joystick was Crimson Skies back in 2001. Was much more fun than I'd thought it would be, but grew stale after awhile. Nowadays, there's games that depend more on the simulation aspect than the actual 'jump in the cockpit and kill something' ones, but a friend of mine picked up Dogfight 1942 in October and says he likes it. But he's fully into flight sims and such, and has a RL pilot license.


Your best bet would be to Google/Wiki Flight Combat games, or Space Combat Games and find the most recent, then see if Steam has them, hopefully on sale as well...

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