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[Edit] New homes for THQ's sold-off Franchises


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Originally read from Game Informer


Ubisoft is interested in acquiring key THQ assets like Saint’s Row, Darksiders, and Homefront. Hopefully the situation turns out for the best for both companies.


I am certainly looking forward to what Ubisoft can offer in the Saint’s Row area…if the deal goes through…Although, I am sure Volition can keep the game as crazy as it should.

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Guest Lady Luck

Yes!! , i heard this news early before ign did , because couple of journalist that i know talk about this man this is huge, if they bought thq , highly likely we gonna see more coh series in the future i havent seen any ubisoft Good rts lately Thq had couple of them so good infact its the only company that made unique strategy game and less ripp off, but most importantly Titans quest.. im not boasting but if this news is true then Ubisoft Rule!, but i could just wished they picked square enix instead.

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