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Anime like weapon swings


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Are there any mods out there which make some sort of light when you swing your sword' date=' some sort of like getsuga tenshou like. i mean normal swings not these maximum drives like



Just like in Oblivion, this one will be the best you can get and the only one you can get. She is still testing it, but I trust her and already playing with it.




You can wait for years and I bet there will be nothing better than this.

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thx i was the one who started that thread but i couldn't find the actions for making these swings


Air Hike


> Jump Then X


Tricster Style


> V ' date='

Up + V ,

Right + V ,

Left + V ,

Down + V | also with Jump


Air Trick


Lock ON + V ?


Sword Master Style



G/Charge Max

> V ,

Up + V ,

Right + V ,

Left + V ,

Down + V ,




C Charge

Exceed Act

AttackSwing 8 Frame C ???

Exceed Max Act

Attack Swing 2 Frame C ???


Royal Guard Style

V > 5 Frame or V > 5 Frame 75%


Moon of Mahaakalaa

5 Frame + Up


Dark slayer Style


Rapid Slash

Up + V


Jump > Up + V


Judgement Cut


V Charge


Judgement Cut Slash

V Charge > V,V,V,V,


Summoned Sword

G G/Charge (Spiral Sword) down+G/up+G Sword Storm (Blistering Sword G)


Table Hopper

Any Direction + H

H to go Up




Extra Style


Moon Dance

G Charge

Jump > G Charge



Weapon In > N


How you can change the frame processing rate damage in the ini file that comes with each button setting ? ------------- ::

Skill List :: * This list was Skill Explained by default setting.

[trickster'] Trickster Style: one

[sWORD MASTER] Sword Master Style: two

[ROYAL GUARD] Royal Guard: three

[Gunslinger] Gunslinger Style: 4

[DARK SLAYER] Dark Slayer Style: Style Anyone Button (Double Click) * If You Press Style same twice, it is changed 'Dark Salyer Style'

[EXTRA] EXTRA Style: five * It is Fake Style ... (irrelevant to Devil May Cry)

[] Lockon Target Camera: Middle / Wheel Mouse

[] Air Hike: X

[trickster] W + V

[trickster] A + v

[trickster] S + V

[trickster] D + V

[trickster] V


Air Trick: V of Execising Lockon .

* Trickster is slightly Sloppy






[sWORD MASTER] Drive: G with WeaponOut

* If You Press 'Gun' button with Weapons drawn, They emit storm sword.

[sWORD MASTER] Maximum Bet:! Charge G (ten Frame) * Press 'Gun' button Frames During ten.

[ROYAL GUARD] Royal Block:! Charge V

* You Can Defence all attacks except WITHIN Royal Block Attack instantaneous death Frame 5, for the rest of Defence 75% damage.

[ROYAL GUARD] Moon of Mahaakalaa: W * Can You Bounce all attacks except Defence and Attack instantaneous death if You Press the 'W' after You Are Damaged Frame Button WITHIN 5.

[ DARK SLAYER] Rapid Slash: W + V

[DARK SLAYER] Judgement Cut:! Charge V (10 Frame)

[DARK SLAYER] Judgement Slash Cut: V, V, V, V. .. WHEN You Exercise Judgement Cut

[DARK SLAYER] Summoned Sword: G

[DARK SLAYER] Spiral Sword:! Charge G

[DARK SLAYER] Sword Storm: W + G of charging Spiral Sword

[DARK SLAYER] Blistering Sword: Sword Spiral G of charging

[DARK SLAYER] Sword Burst: S + G charging of Spiral Sword * EXCEED SYSTEM * Exceed system is charging the gauge after Preesing the 'Exceed Button' adapted by Attak timing, and Reinforcing Attack by exercising charged Engery WHEN You use Sword Master Power Attack.

[] Exceed Gauge + one: Charge! C (10 Frame)

[] Exceed Gauge + Act one: C (in five AttackSwing Frame) * If You 'Exceed Button' WITHIN eight adapted by AttackSwing Frame Timing, one Charge is charged.

[] Exceed Gauge + Max Act 3: C (AttackSwing in Frame 1) * If You 'Exceed Button' WITHIN 2 Frame adapted by AttackSwing Timing, three charged Charges Are.

[] Table Hopper Forward: W + H [] Table Hopper Left: A + H

[] Table Hopper Backward: S + H

[] Table Hopper Right: D + H

[] Table Hopper Up: H

[] Taunt: N with WeaponIn * If You Are not Damaged During 3 seconds after any OTHERS You taunt, recover a little Magick and Stamina.

[ EXTRA] Moon Dance:! Charge G * Nothing to do with DMC This HAS Skill

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