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Old games/Recent that i picked to play this year

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck

1. Age of empires III gold edition

2. Age of Mythology Gold edition

3. Titans Quest Gold Edition

4. Settlers 1-7 Collectors Edition = Around 50$ Retail

5. Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

6. Populous 1-2

7. Diablo II + Lord of destruction

8. Stronghold I - 2 and Stronghold Crusader

9. Rage of Mages 1-2

10. Ultima Complete Edition

11. Warcraft 2 , Warcraft 3 Complete edition

12. Civilization 5 [Recent]

13. Sim city 4 Dulexe ( easily favourites ) , Tropico 1-4 ( funniest game ever made)

14. Flight simulator 2012

15. Black and white 1 -2

16 Overlord 1 -2]

17. Total War Complete Edition [ How could i not put this on my list]

18. Rome Total War [ is a must to get!]

19. Civilization [ omg you'd be stupid not to like this one]

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Guest Lady Luck

Looking back' date=' I spent an embarrassing amount of time playing Rome Total War, Medieval Total War (yes, the 1st one), and Diablo 1 and 2. Other games that I frittered away my free nights and weekends on were Dungeon Siege 1 and 2.



lol greg this is why i like you rofl , we had in common with the old games the only people who truly enjoy dungeon siege before D3 ever exist is the very first game that has that one unique feature what other top down rpg doesnt have.

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