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  1. I am changing and adding stuff to the city as well, for an semi-open world game, old game save will become extremely buggy. That's the main reason why I prefer big updates instead of pumping out a new version of my game every week or two.
  2. I can't say I understand fully, but if adding a option to skip the intro will let you enjoy my game more, I will add the option in. ^^
  3. @DrGrimReaper I am very glad that you like it. ^^ @sen4mi I probably will add an option to let people skip the tutorial (are you referring to the whole zombie combat part?). However, I am a bit confused about what you said ([dutiful, idealistic, quiet and trusting] pretty much requires I not be aware of the tutorial), care to elaborate? P.s I changed my combat system, so there will be more combat in the game.
  4. \o/ \o/ <- me and my co-writer cheers and dance around. We put a lot of hard work into creating an interesting and believable world. I am so glad that you noticed. =D
  5. @DrGrimReaper It's not crazy at all, I am making a texture adventure game with similar ideas already. Coding isn't that hard to learn.
  6. Many weeks.....not just several weeks............>.> Planning a new area that wasn't in the original plan......and steam is kind of kicking my free time's butt.
  7. I am planning events with my co-writer right now...but it will take many weeks till the next update is done...
  8. @cih Thanks for all the kinds words, I am glad that my 200-300 hours didn't go wasted. As for your questions: I will start working on it again in the beginning of June if everything goes as I planned. =]
  9. The game is currently in a short hiatus because of real life stuff leaves me with very little free time to work on it. Development should be resume sometime around June.
  10. For the 100 or so people who downloaded my game from rapidgator, please get the new version from the following link. The version you are playing is a testing version and a lot of event will not trigger! Silly me uploaded the wrong version. >_< http://rapidgator.net/file/053bb2194bbd0db3ca204aca67f36e86/Instinct_Program_0.30c.rag.html
  11. @myuhinny I probably will consider mega, but last time I download something from it using firefox, it make me download a plugin first. Is that still the case? @cereburn There are more than 5500 downloads of 0.30. I think the first day download is over 800 copies, which is more than 40gb of traffic. @__@....so drop box probably won't work.
  12. I picked Mediafire, because it has the fastest free download speed for users, but it has been annoying to other RAGS developer lately. So, I uploaded to rapidgator right now until I find a better solution. (link in op)
  13. @XJ347 Yeah...RAGS is not a really good engine and some player might not realize how much work I need to put in just to add some dialogues base on condition. It's probably a good idea to pace yourself to avoid getting burnout. I am looking forward to your release.
  14. Gladiatrix III, Celeritas Eos, Demon Heart, and a few RAGS games should be able to fill your summer. ^^
  15. Good News My editor work hard to go over nearly 30K amount of text and polished most of the scenes. So here is a bug/text fix version of the game. Also, many people have problems finding some of the scenes, so I added a basic walkthrough of the game. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8my7ehjg5yg5o44 Walkthrough: http://alakogames.blogspot.ca/p/beta-walkthrough.html Bad News: For the past 2-3 months, I have been spending nearly all my free time working on the game. After hundreds hours, I am getting pretty tired. More importantly, there are lots real life stuff I have to deal with
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