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Annoyance with sexout, not sure if bug or settings issue.

Kashiwaba Tomoe

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Think that's all I got installed at the moment.


Here's the issue:


Basically, the 'rape' usually amounts to my character suddenly loosing clothes and the rape starting, despite my PC being in full clothing (combat armor in one case) and uninjured.


Is there a setting to make it so stalkers attack you first, rather than just lol suprise rape ?


Also, the most recent occurrence of this for me, I was south of goodsprings but north of Primm, and encountered two powder gangers.


One approaches me and initiates dialouge, discussing how they've been in jail TOO long, etc.


After I choose the no dialouge option, he says something to the effect of I just boarded the rape train and the next stop is my ass.


Of course, as soon as the dialouge ends I give him a 12ga burst from my pancor jackhammer and explode his head.


Just as he dies, my PC looses clothing and a rape is starting, despoite the surviving powder ganger not even being that close to me.



So question, is there a way to disable this random rape shit ?


I mean it's frankly frustrating from a RP perspective to have it occur w/o any real reason behind why I couldn't just shoot someone to stop it.


I thought I'd adjusted the MCM settings for the various sexout mods I have to make stuff better, but apparently not.

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I've had it checked in the MCM config.


I'm assuming it turns rape during combat on/off ?


The thing is these rapes (other than the last one, which due to the dialouge may have been from one of the faction plugins) pretty much always occur OUTSIDE of combat, and other than the stalker message there usually is no actual sign ingame until my clothes vanish.


I mean I don't care if it happens to my female PC, I just want it to make some sense rather than just 'lol you got raped w/o any chance of fighting it'.


edit: I'm going to try to recreate the last one, and save beforehand, to see what happens while I fiddle with the settings.


edit2: Actually, in the brutalrapers MCM config, I have the max health to allow rape during combat set to 20%, which makes the recent incident odd since I was at full health.

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Yeah, still annoying the way it's presently implemented.


I mean it makes sense DURING a battle, but out of combat, wearing armor, with a weapon pointed at the guy that's capable of 1shoting him, and the second dialouge ends I'm raped.


I can't remember off hand, who made tryout ?

I need to PM them an idea or two for improvement that would likely be possible, but WAY beyond my zero experince with sexout scripting.

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Loogie made tryouts. Its intended for people who like being randomly raped as far as I can tell. Approach rate only determines how often someone of that faction will come up to you.


For what you want, your best bet with currently existing plugins is to turn off powderganger and legion tryouts, disable stalkers in brutal rapers, and lower your combat rape health setting to what you would consider a reasonable health percent.


Otherwise, what user and Chancellor Kremlin said. If you don't like how it currently works, fix it. I personally agree with you, and I know others do too. It just hasn't bothered anyone enough to try to fix it yet.

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Aye the way tryouts works with powder gangers, if you refuse sex they will sometimes rape you. Rep and/or speech skills might work to alleviate this with them, as I noticed with my speech oriented chica that it didn't seem to happen as often as it did with my stealth build no speech or it could be random chance, depending on the conversation options you pick. If you don't want the approaches, just turn the powder gangers approach rate to 0. The fiends/powdergangers/legion tryouts mods are mostly about player being the victim rape fantasies from what I gather, with random rape/sex offers from generic members based on the approach chance and some story line stuff from main NPC's, Kings, Khans, and NCR are consensual/prostitution type stuff.

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Adjust your settings...


And in all honesty, rape in sexout is pretty mild compared oblivions lovers mods...


besides the horrendous amounts of glitches and conflicts with its mods... the settings don't change much and you get raped until you ctd or fall through the map... whichever comes first =P

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Tasha69, you're the first one I've seen reporting this "falling off the map" issue, which strongly suggests it is a problem on your end.


I've not fallen through the floor once. Please refrain from reviving old threads, and using them to vent your frustration. If you have an issue, either keep it to your own thread or create a new one in the Sexout Technical Support forum.



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