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Help fully re-modding Skyrim


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After numerous tiny bugs from having too many varied/conflicting/obsolete mods, I've decided to just start fresh and redo it all. I'm looking for help and opinions on how to get the most out of my game. Names of mods are good enough, but a link to them is even better.


Mods I will be using without a doubt:

Skyrim Monster Mod

Siren race

Drakian race

Spell Duel


Mods I would greatly appreciate help picking:

A CBBE compatable body (no larger than D cup, MAYBE E if I have no choice)

Smooth, sexy skin textures with good faces

Magic adding mods

dungeon/adventure adding mods

Most up to date, and working, skyrim lovers mods

Skimpy, bouncy clothing!


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Downloaded animations mod, and took a few from the gems site! Nearly done! Just need a good voice replacer and to sort through the jumbled mess for the lovers mods... Thank you all so much for the help thus far!


Edit: There was one mod I had that for the life of me I cannot remember..it made most NPCs in the game female, and was compatable with the monster mod. Any ideas?

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