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mods and types of mods mostlikly to cause crashes

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yo, what up its me, here to numb your mind with my dumb questions.


so, is there a list somewhere of mods that often cause crashes?


and, is there a type of mod most likely to cause a crash: e.i. landscape redisigns like uv, new lands like elsweyre, combat addons like SSS, etc.


finally any pose mods known to cause problems with lovers? (even when not posing (obviously))

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ElsweyrAnequina near Corinthe  and near the "Darkarn Place Inn" . I could not find the reason yet. But the crashes are not very frequent.


DibellasWatch. in the south , north of the Readguard trading post was a crash. After TES4Edit cleaning and manually cleaning no more crashes. ( some trees were in wrong cells. The cell in the tree ID was not the right cell )



I clean all Mods before the first play test, and when the Mod is very bad ( not cleanable without some hours work) , I don't even try it.


Pose Mods cause only problems when you pose and Lovers mods try to interact. LoversHookers detects you as walking, so a customer try to talk to you. Joburg: NPC try to stalk/rape, that can crash the game.

If you set Hookers approach to off and turn down the Joburg settings ( so no NPC and Creature will stalk the player) you can play Sexlivion without any problems. When you are done with Sexlivion quest and sex you can restore the Lovers settings.

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