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Steamy Dreams Bathhouse


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Hello all! I've never posted here before but my game has been greatly improved by what loverslab offers, and I want to share the bathhouse I've been working on.  ? (If I make a faux pas in my post, please forgive and correct me.)


I've only recently gotten back into TS4 and I'm not up to custom building my own lots yet.  What I've been enjoying is the process of remodeling lots for my own use (and because OMG some of the base lots are dull as hell).  One lot that's bothered me is the Perfect Balance Spa that came with Spa Day, so I decided to use it as a base.  I wanted a bathhouse I could use on its own, or maybe for a naughty club.  I gave it a dancing area, dungeon room, hot tubs, a voyeur bedroom, some glory hole screens, and a lobby that's more useful, and updated the decor.  I kept the bathrooms, saunas, soaking tubs, and massage area because they fit the theme.  I loved being able to place erotic art throughout!  


I only wish you didn't have to cure marijuana for it to be useful with Basemental Drugs.  I've looked all over the debug object list and can only find nuggets and curing jars, nothing immediately usable.  I posted it to my gallery under Senedana; it's the first naughty upload I've made and I'm a little paranoid about it. 


If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, feel free to offer it.  If you're okay with me remodeling your creations, at all or in naughty ways, please let me know your ID, and thank you!


CC used from loverslab: Cubman's Priapus Paintings 1.0.0 By Cubman76, Framed Masculenity 1.0.0 By Teratosexual Mess, Porn Film POSTERS (AEP) 1.0.1 By Ksuihuh, Luxury porn oil paintings by Podyssey, Sexy Wall Silhouettes 1.0.0 By HollyA, Bondage Devices 3.1 By azmodan22, Azmodan22 WhickedWhims Sex Animations (Paintings file), 0-positive - Glory Hole wall with chest of drawers By 0-Positiv

CC from other sites: Noir & Dark Sims: Illusion room, Bunben Chair, Marble Statue of Naked Man by Viblisims

Possible additions
Dress Code Custom Lot Trait By LittleMsSam, Female Towel Topless 1.0.1 By Cina Monium, WhickedWhimsClubInteractions 1.0 By konansock


Packs: Get Famous, Get Together, Get to Work, Vampires, Spa Day, Vintage Glamour, Romantic Patio, Perfect Patio


01-16-19_3-40-28 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-40-56 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-41-41 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-42-12 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-42-29 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-42-50 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-43-05 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-43-38 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-43-52 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-44-28 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-44-58 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-45-19 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-45-42 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-46-13 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-46-21 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-47-20 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-47-52 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-48-29 PM.jpg

01-16-19_3-49-19 PM copy.jpg

01-16-19_3-49-42 PM copy.jpg

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6 hours ago, rolfili said:

can you do a complete download
that would be nice
thank you for that

I'll see about how to do that; I've never done it before, I've just uploaded to the gallery.

Will creators get mad if I include their work? I assume you're asking for a package that includes the used CC?

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On 1/18/2019 at 11:16 AM, Senedana said:

I'll see about how to do that; I've never done it before, I've just uploaded to the gallery.

Will creators get mad if I include their work? I assume you're asking for a package that includes the used CC?

If you give credit and link back to sources if that's possible then you should be fine with most creators. Some CC may need updates after patches are made so linking them can also be helpful.


I'm a new creator and I generally don't mind if I go uncredited, but if I do get a shoutout then that'll make me happy. Plus linking my work may lead other people who enjoy it to find more of my stuff.


Generally, it's acceptable unless stated otherwise and credit + linking is considered a bro move.

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