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  1. I've found if I make my Sims watch your porn movie to the very end the game freezes and then crashes out to the desktop. I think the game is struggling to restart the movie loop - but that is just a guess. I've had to remove your mod for now. If you can fix it I will be very happy to use your mod. While it worked it was excellent!
  2. Ich bin ein DDR-Kind, das ich 1955 geboren wurde. Englisch deshalb nicht möglich Ich bin kein Modbuer, nur ein guter Benutzer mfg rolfili
  3. Translation is bad ??? I do not understand this answer a little closer please
  4. downloaded studio I tried I did not come clear can send me a guide
  5. OK danke für die Info, ich versuche, sie zu bekommen
  6. besser in Hautdetails OK thanks
  7. the breasts are as seen in the picture (bananas) I like. but in sex they are always normal after sex they stay normal (not breasts bananas) can you do it from tops in accessories, - install that they stay that way during sex (bananas). is one able to do this? maybe the modbauer even himself. mfg rolfili
  8. you can not download that what shoud that
  9. where did you get the piercing for the vagina
  10. where did you get the piercing for the vagina
  11. how did you get this PDF uploaded? I have the following file: my story.cbz, my story.epub, my story.pdf that it is so Issue 01 mfg greetings thanks for your answer
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