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Dress Code | Custom Lot Trait 16.03.2018

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About This File

Hello everyone,


this Mod adds a new custom Lot Trait to the Game which lets you customize every Lot what Sims should wear.



Don't upload this mod on other sites without permission, thx






Dress Code Lot Trait - Including Naked Addon


When Sims spawn on a Lot where the Lot Trait is active they'll get naked. (Works not on Toddler/Children/Teens)


The Traits need to be added to the Lot before your Sims will spawn there!


How the Mod works:

  • After your Sim/s spawn on a Lot they'll get a hidden Buff.
  • This will let the Sim change into a certain Outfit. After they changed the Buff will get deleted.
  • NPC Sims that spawn should also be affected and change right after spawning.
  • Interactions like playing Basketball etc. will still let them change Outfits again! To get them Naked again use the Gadget in your Inventory to let them change manually!
  • When Sims are sitting etc. when changing Outfits they'll do the known "Glitch" which looks like they are swimming



Dress Code Gadget


This Gadget will be added into the Inventory of the activ Sim/s when they spawn on a Lot with a Dress Code Trait.
With this you'll be able to force picked Sims to change their Outfit. You can choose up to 50 Sims.





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This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

What's New in Version 16.03.2018


Fixed an Issue with Naked Addon not working