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Hi, I'm seraching a collaborator for the english translation of my game


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I'm Deltadidirac, the developer and artist of the game "Slip Over Time".
(here the OP of the game : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/110242-slip-over-time/)


I'm seraching a person who would collaborate with me (free at the moment, even if for sure, when the game will start to earn I want to remunerate this work).
English is not my language, so I know thery well that the dialogues I'm writing aren't all correct.

If someone is interested to help me , please contact me as you prefare (here, on Patreon , on YouTube.... where you whant)


Thanks for the attention and
have a nice day

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Hmm, My english is pretty good, and I have written/ translated on a load of local projects. And fortunately I have free time. However I do not know Italian.

If however you were to give me your scripts in broken English , or the same way you are writing here. I can easily turn them into more comprehensive and alluring versions of themselves.

I cant stand bad grammar or broken english in adult porn games. A wife and mother sometimes really puts me off with weird words and dialogs being used where they sound really off.... and i often try to create a mentally correct version in my head .

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