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LastException help pleeeeease

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4 hours ago, sshorty said:

Ever since the recent update, my game has been flooded with errors. Could somebody please help me with identifying my problem? I've attached the latest lastexception.txt. I can only sleep with one partner... if I try to sleep with anybody else, then all that shoes up are solo interactions. 


Selliato Canvas rack....update or delete....diamond vixen fasion modelling career...update or delete....then see how it goes.

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Good morning, I have a problem with Version of WickedWhims.
I removed all the mods except ww and the game generated lastException.
I tried to use ww and all the updated mods with a new game and no lastExcep
tion was generated.



attached lastException was generated with ww and the various mods with an old game saved with previous version of ww

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3 hours ago, procian said:

Ok....have you had a sim step out of the limelight?

maybe I solved the problem.
it's probably the last corrupt save file.
now I'm using the previous saved file and everything works fine.
ok...I lost 2 days of play, ....but now all the mods work well without generating exception
thank you for your suggestion.
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