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My Options Menu for WW doesn't show

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6 hours ago, AnneKKauffman62 said:

Updated WW yesterday. Now my WW options button doesn't show, only the settings button. Does this LE have anything to do with that (attached)?


Not to smart on reading LE's, but what I did to fix my 'similar' problem.

(You could always try starting a new game, to find out if it's the current 'save game' causing it).

(Keep in mind WW stores all settings in the saves folder, and they are paired with each 'game save').


I lost my sim statistics pie menu with the 139a update, although I wasn't getting any LE's at least.


Luckily my v 137k was still in my recycle bin, so I reverted back to it because everything was working before.

Think you can still download the old version but don't know where, someone else said they found it somewhere.


Note to self: (If/when you update be sure to save copies of the old version first)

I'm not so quick to jump on new updates anymore.

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