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Linux and WoW. Now what?

Storms of Superior

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Don't worry: I still have Windows on a separate partition.


I was reading all of the hoopla about Windows 7 coming to an end, and I thought, I'll try Linux. I'm trying Linux, and I'm impressed. It's almost impossible to impress me.


Problem now: I downloaded the Blizzard launcher windows setup software. It won't open. There is no Linux version. Now what?

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with a wine-session you should be able to play most DirectX 9 games and Linux... the easiest way to generate a functionable wine-session is to use the program "playonlinux"... put all your needed functions, mods into the same wine-session and try the result... if it don't work from the start you are able to change many variables inside "playonlinux", so it is likely the game will start... and for WoW there are some helpful guides on the wine-homepage, giving you hints, which version will be able to play it, how to do it and so on... just google a bit...


I had good results with skyrim (even with ENB, MO, FNIS, Loot and so on) but the fps was much slower than with WinOS, Witcher I+II (likely faster than with WinOS) so if you are stuck with linux (good choice, imho) than give "playonlinux" a chance


have fun ?


btw: don't know your linux-version... .ubuntu is the most forgiving version (meaning, new hardware-drivers, adaptable to WinPrograms and so on), the better Ubuntu might be a version of "linux-mint" (has some basic outlooks like "mint", "kde", "xfce" and so on), good community and some nice tools to have an easier startup-feeling to live with linux





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