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Can't get HDT SMP to work

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I'm trying to get the Bloodborne Pack to work, but keep getting these spaghettified/clipping textures like on picrelated on most of the garbs. Something is obviously wrong with the bones, but I couldn't figure it out for the last day or so


I followed all the instructions I could find on setting HDT up - NMM installed FNIS, XPMSSE, RaceMenu, BodySlide, CBBE and the CBBE SMP Config addon, batch built everything for the zeroed slider setting; installed the two chinese files and, lastly, the BB Pack itself; ran LOOT once and generated FNIS configs every step of the way. That got me nowhere


I also tried deleting all the .xml files in the archive as was suggested in the thread, but this gave me the same result


Can someone walk me through the installation process for the HDT SMP, help me pinpoint what I'm doing wrong? I don't know what I'm missing, would greatly appreciate some help



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