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skee alpha 10 aka SKSE64Plugins

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ok I have no idea what to do here, how do I install this? Skee Alpha 10 (aka SKSE64Plugins) its required by a mod I want to use but there are no instructions on how to install, can I install it just like I would SKSE? please help


ohh and please be detailed and or provide pictures / a video that I can follow to do this, I dont want to get confused and mess up and it will be easier for me to remember if I see it, sorry I know that might be tough but even if its just a very detailed description (i.e. not skipping a step no matter how small or insignificant) because I can be very dumb and often doubt myself because of this.

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1 hour ago, LunarRose7 said:

seems like Milk Mod wont work without the plugin though, I think I converted it right, I did have a previously converted version of Nioverride so its just a matter of updating the files within

So you don't use racemenu?

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I do, but the racemenu Nioverride doesnt work for the mod, it still says its broken with just Racemenu and I know I have the newest version so the only option is that Milkmod dead set requires that specific plugin--- I can verify by asking ed86 but I tend not to ask him questions because he can be a bit rude with his answers, good mods though, I just don't appreciate the way he treats people

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