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[SOLVED] HDT CBBE BodySlide body issue


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I'm using CBBE curvy body preset with with bodyslide support and Remodeled armor for cbbe bodyslide hdt (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259) and everything works like a charm, I've batch built the body in BodySlide and all the armor's fit fine, physics on them work, even managed to get devious devices to work with all this somehow (I'm new to all this). However the issues begin when my character is naked, for some reason I have some kind of distortion on the breasts and arms of the character. I went into bodyslide and did previews on almost all the presets that are there and all are fine except the "HDT CBBE BodySlide" outfit/body, even when previewed in BodySlide it shows those distortions.


As I said, I'm quite new to this, never used bodyslide before and I could've just messed something up, but every other body I select inside of BodySlide looks fine, armors look fine, in game they all fit well and have physics, but as soon as the character is naked, her body is probably switched to this HDT CBBE BodySlide preset which is all sorts of distorted. If anyone knows how I can fix this or at least change the default nude body to something else perhaps, all help would be appreciated.


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1. Open Bodyslide

2. Choose  The Orignial CBBE  Body HDT

3. Choose  the Preset you want

4. click build

Now You have your new Body  Where is found  : Your disc/drive for me its F:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets

femalebody_0.nif  / femalebody_1.nif

5. open Body outfit studio and check the Body / Body`s

6. open Menu File

7. open Import File from Nif

8. choose the folder where your new Body is ( femalebody_0.nif  / femalebody_1.nif )

9. Import one

10. Then it looks fine your Problem is gone When not  , there could be a Wrong Texture / Image for The CBBE Body

hope it works

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