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Compliments from NPC [Translation needed for the mod}

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Hi there, I recently stumbled upon a mod called "Compliments +" On a Russian site known as Gamer - Mods and found this pretty interesting mod there. 

What this mod does is toggle all the NPC to pass comments on your character, mostly for female characters I assume...


This mod adds NPC voices with the dialogues or something like that. I don't know Russian so can't be sure about the voice part, but I checked the file and it does have some voices. I couldn't open the .Fuz file or any ESP file because I lack enough knowledge in modding. I'm still learning various software's myself to get into modding. (I talk a lot...) 


Well from what I can see is, that the mod shows potential if translated to English or any other language people want to translate it to.

But I'd love to see this mod translated. If anyone is interested please TRANSLATE THE MOD!! >_< 


Here's the link to the mod: https://gamer-mods.ru/load/skyrim_le/ljubov/femcompliments/88-1-0-3631 


If the mod is already translated please do the favor of telling me where I can find it or it would be amazing if someone tries to make a mod like this. 



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