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  1. Something like this would be awesome, maybe have the legs bob back and forth Thanks for all the hard work Gunslicer
  2. I love you for adding this pose 😊😊
  3. Found out it was from GSPoses shortly after lol, what feet meshes are you using?
  4. This is amazing!! I need to know what mod adds that animation 🤤
  5. I've long thrown out all of these files, and I'm not really interested in experimenting with this much anymore, it just wasn't stable and didn't really do anything useful or interesting apart from looking kind of cool. I remember seeing an actual mod that accomplishes this somewhere here on LoversLab shortly after I posted on this page, not sure what it was called, but I'd keep searching if you're interested.
  6. I'd love to know what armor mod this is ?
  7. Not going to use imgur anymore, this better work
  8. Sorry, link was working fine earlier, this should work Warning: feet
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