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The game doesnt start


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Hi, I just updated the game from 1.47.49 to 1.47.51 and suddenly the game doesnt start. After launching some tries it appears some errors and the game closes. What did I wrong? Could be the problem my mods folder of obsolete mods? I already updated whickedwhims to the last update and now I gonna check with basemental drugs' script... also I downloaded new updates of some animations sex mods...


I have tested the x32 bits and works "fine" (because I use a x64 System and the game starts, at least the main menu) but when I launch the aplication windows notifies me that the game has stopped. I have no idea about what is happening.


Edit: I cut the mods folder into the Desktop and apparently the game works correctly so it should be any mod (script or some hard mod) which is obsolete. I didnt add some new mod for a time so it should be some used mod, the question is which one is obsolete...


Edit2: Finally my game launched, I just updated Whicked, basemental and nisawhicked mods but maybe my game crashes again until I update the last 2 patches.

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