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Does anyone know of any Hypnosis/ Brainwashing mods that do it as a consequence of to the Player?

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I already know there is the mind control circlet mod, but that only works on NPCs


I'm talking about a Hypnosis/Brainwash mod that has the said thing happen to the Player Character.


The closest thing is Hormones with it's Bimbo curse subtext messages, but that doesn't force you to do what [Insert Enemy Here] wants you to do.


Anyone know of/ working on something of this sort?

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I don't know of hypnosis, or mind control mods. But there are slavery mods that do something similar, you do what I say or else suffer the consequences type mods.


I'd like to see a mod, that you are talking about.

- Uncontrollable urges

- Told to do stuff, and not have a choice



Some of the slavery mods that force you to do stuff, or suffer.


- Devious Follower... you have to pay your follower, each day. You get in debt, and you end up having your items sold, money rights taken away, items added to you, made into a slave, and if you have too much owed. Dumped in one of the toughest dungeons, and left to fight your way out to freedom.

    Lots of MCM options

    Pretty softcore experience, although... prepare to lose items, and be a permanent poor person

I've used this mod a lot, only recently starting a new game without it. As I have been testing a new mod-list out, that is pretty crazy.


- Submissive Lola... really hardcore, I had to give up on this one, as it was too tough. Do as you are told, even in the worst case scenarios. Your mistress is very demanding, and once you agree to her terms. Then you can just kiss your freedom goodbye.


- Devious Device Helper... Follower may ask to lock bondage devices on you, with the MCM option for BONDAGE LOVER ticked, it becomes 2 days of mandatory bondage. I haven't used this mod yet, so I can't vouch for it. It does more stuff than I've mentioned, as well as mandatory bondage time.

    MCM options



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