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I wanted to get a custom house mod yesterday.

So, I went over to Nexus to have a look. I found

dozens. But none quite fit the bill. I didn't need a

mansion. Nor did I want a simple tent. No, I wanted

a house. The kind of house that says:


"An explorer/adventurer lives here"


I found a few. But they came with stuff I didn't want.

Or need. I definitely didn't need anything with a dozen

dependencies to handle stuff like sorting, or adoption, or

Hearthfires compatibility.


So I found a few of these as well. They were "almost" perfect.

By "almost", I mean they weren't quite where I wanted to live.

A spot that shows the adventurer's spirit of exploration.

With natural beauty beyond compare.


Skyrim is chock full of beautiful places. Especially near any

of it's waterfalls. A few were kind of okay, but I wanted something

very specific.


So I built it.

In EXACTLY the place I wanted to live.

So here we are:


Amol Overlook


The name says it all. Overlooking Fort Amol, with a

majestic view of the sulphur springs, this modest little

adventurer's shack sits mid-way up one of Skyrim's

most beautiful waterfalls. It's not near it. It's not behind it.

No, it's directly ON it.


Now there's a few things you should know:


This area has NO NAVMESH. So needless to say, it's not follower friendly.

At least not yet. Navmesh is in the works for the entire area from the

edge of the path to Ivarstead, down the stone stairs, and all around the shack.


But for now, I hope you'll enjoy it until I update it sometime soon.



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