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6 hours ago, sidfu said:

while my sims will go masturbate no one ever auto has sex. ive played with the settings but cant seem to get any. can someone recommend settings that should work.

Go into Wicked>Settings>Sex Settings>Automony>Autonmy presets and then change it to however high you want it. At least I think that's it but you should find it.

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On 12/27/2018 at 9:08 AM, sidfu said:

hmm ill try it i have it already to second highest but all they do is go mastabate


Are your active sims both male and female in the same household?

Are they romantic yet?

Inactive NPCS won't do any auto sex unless an active player is on the same lot.

Visitors come to visit my house and ask for sex straight away, even just friendly ones, with Wicked set on Extreme.

Check gender settings in WW and other settings, and remember to save game as the WW settings are stored with each game save.

My sims are all set to gender specific, ie no FF or MM. 

I'm thinking you have another setting messed up in WW.

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