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So, no "SexLab" for Witcher 3?


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Okay, I do understand, the W3 is BY FAR the most adult RPG game ever been.
It's the game that seriously treats the user as adult (with all these romance, love scenes, etc)... but I wouldn't mind to have a sort of "Flower Girls Ex" (as there is for Skyrim LE & SE).


The game (W3) is extreme hard to mod it (even adding simply textures mods, you can break it easily); so THAT's WHY isn't any "SexLab" mod for W3?

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Basically it allows you to change Geralt's avatar to someone entirely different, either as a man or woman.  You can have your choice of face, hair, body and clothes so I usually use Triss's face, hair and body with Ciri's armored outfit.  Animations can be a little off though in a few instances but I can live with that.  On occasion, I've changed to Cerys an Craite's face and hairstyle.    You can even go naked if you wanted..lol 

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