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How to make male sims always have a hardon when undressed?


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Well you could set up a small custom package that would recognize one of the hard penis models you use as a soft penis and then if you set to that in the selector it would revert to that hard version when the penis would normally go soft.

I could maybe make the package for you so long as you want it simple and for 1 penis type, I'm not willing to make it for all penis models.

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On 12/25/2018 at 12:24 AM, fletnix said:

Just wondering if there's a way to remove the soft penis and instead always have a hard penis. Thanks. 

My sim had this going on purely by accident as I was trying to fix it.


I didn't know you had to click on your sim in game and use body type selector for both male and female sims, in the Wicked Menu.

WW default penis was being used and the penis was too long and poking out of the belly button area of the females, (most are pretty skinny).

I had edited CAS using MCCC fulledit mode and selected Porn Star Cock Average Hard, and this one would show up when naked in game.

But it wouldn't show up in sex animations as it was using WW default penis instead.

Figured out I had to click on Sim in game and change body type to EA default instead of Wicked default.

This needs to be done also for female sims who want to use Better Bodies instead of Wicked default.

The body selector menu in Wicked should have the EA default label changed to "other types" to be more specific IMO.  

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