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Cow race mod?

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I love the one that Tolerance made for Oblivion (Bulvene). Is there anything similar for Skyrim? HuCows aren't really my thing, anthro bovine is the best, but I'll look at anything that's available. I do have modding experience (just NOT for Skyrim yet), so I could theoretically work with the right assets and build something that could work.


Also, a related question. Which female body replacer is the best choice for naughty-mod compatibility (like DMRA for Oblivion)? CBBE, UNP, or something else? My personal preferences run towards busty ladies who are thicker overall without defined musculature, but I can tweak stuff with BodySlide easily enough.


Rochndil, wishing those that celebrate it a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

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Nope, no such thing for Skyrim. The closest you can get is the Being a Cow mod, which from what I've gathered includes some tweaks like forced face morphs/presets and stuff to make your character more cow-like on top of the usual horns + tail + collar stuff. But those are still cow-themed humans instead of actual anthro cows, though.


As for which body replacer to choose, IMO the best option is UUNP. It has a much higher polycount than CBBE, has an official Special body with modeled and HDT-collision-and-physics-enabled genitals, and supports both the default CBBE Bodyslide sliders and several new ones (which means any CBBE shape/preset can be replicated in UUNP with the result being pretty close to or even identical to the original, but not the other way around). And BTW, whether you want musculature or not isn't that relevant when choosing a body because the muscle detail is mainly provided by the normal map instead of the body mesh itself.

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