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Making Oblivion look great.

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Hey guys/gals,


Can anyone suggest me mods that make oblivion look and work great (without the unofficial patch), that are worth the bandwidth. An overhaul that works great with Lovers would be appreciated too.


PC Specs:

i7 2600k

Radeon Hd 6990

32gb ram



Thank you in advance,




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Personally I use OOO (Oscuro's): http://devnull.sweetdanger.net/OOO/OOO_Guide.html

You don't need UOP (unofficial oblivion patch) with this as it contains the same fixes.


I use Better Cities: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16513


Finally I use Qarl's Textures. The QTP3: Redimized version found here: http://devnull.sweetdanger.net/totoworld.html


This site is a pretty good place to find all sorts of texture replacements: http://devnull.sweetdanger.net/obliviontextureoverhaul.html


I personally don't care for the unique landscapes stuff as it adds a freaking ton of esp files and can cause conflicts with other mods forcing you to find or create patches. Just too much hassle for a tiny bit of eye candy. I would rather spend those resources on hottie NPC's chicks....:P

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