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Since the December patch, my keyboard no longer registers game speed. It does pause and the F switches, but numbers 123 ain't doin it for me. Secondly, why do some custom content under a category can work with other content in the same category but some don't. For example, nail content in the rings catagory. I have one nails that works with everything, but other completely remove whatever other content I apply to my sim. I know it sounds like whining, but is there some switch in Sims 4 studio that I can flip to make it work with others? Ok, rant over. -B

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Can't comment on the keys issue but I hope it's fixed soon,

The cc problem you mentioned is down to the way the item is produced, the item it's cloned from or the texture space it's using,


Some items are designed to remove others that may obstruct or penetrate through another,


Like some tops might remove necklaces or bracelets and a full body outfit would remove any bottom outfit,


To correct something like this I'm assuming that the item would need to added to a different mesh or reassigned to a different area of the texture map

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