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Crash just before starting animation

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I've been having a lot of problems trying to load animations after installing sexlab for SSE.


for reference, I'm using the framework: SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA5 from here and I'm trying to use the mod Spouses Enhanced (SpousesEnhanced_SE_1.7.3) from here.


All of the pathing leading up to the sex animations works fine, and surprisingly, there's a kissing animation that can be accessed in public that works every time, but every time I try initiating a sex animation in bed, the game crashes without fail the split second after the two characters have been teleported to the bed.


I've included my mod list below as well as two different logs I was able to get of the crash, but unfortunately I dont have any experience with reading these. I did see something at the bottom of the papyrus log referencing that my character may have been "stuck." I was reading a guide online about the other log I've included, and apparently, everything after the "  Exception Analysis" and "EXCEPTION_RECORD" line gives a hint towards what the problem might be.


I'd really appreciate any help someone could give, and thanks in advance!




10_58 dump.txt

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Are the characters naked before the crash?  The only time I seen something similar was with a bad skeleton install (this was in Oldrim).  When the characters got naked, LE would CTD.  Reinstalling the skeleton solved it for me.


Golden rule with skeletons (XPMSE specifically) - install last and let it overwrite everything.  If installing manually or using mod manager like NMM (Vortex may be similar), this is literal - install it as the very last mod added.  If using ModOrganizer, all you have to do is move the XPMSE mod in the left pane to be the highest priority (if sorting by priority, should be the last item in the list).

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