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Creature Interactions

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Hi, I've been out of the loop for Skyrim for years, I haven't played since at least 2015. I'm looking through the mod lists but I figured I'd ask anyway, have there been any mods made that allow you to have a relationship with creatures? Or even get married to them (heh)? I remember the Beastess and/or Bestial Essence mods approaching having there be friendly, allied creatures but I'm looking for something that takes that much further. Bonus if it has a pregnancy interaction

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There are a couple of creature specific followers with dialog such as Tirk the Horny Riekling and Phillip the Talking Horse, but that's about it for dedicated followers. Sanguine's Debauchery has slavery with creature masters but there's not much to do with them right now. As for pregnancy, BeeingFemale has an add-on for creature support.

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