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Why is this not a thing?

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Anyone else have a sex-loving sim in game and thought, "The streaming drone plus wicked whims would be awesome, just tell it to record and then have sex" Only to find that the moment your sim gets into a sex scene the drone immediately shuts off. Was pretty bummed that we can't use the drones as a webcam sex show idea, even streaming the thing shuts off when you try to woohoo or do a wickedwhims animation.


I'm curious if its possible to be modded to allow it.

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True. I just wonder if it was a conscious effort on the devs part to make sure the drone cannot record a woohoo event.  Theres a few mods out there that would be incredible with the drone if they can add some of their mods features to it. Like AEP Pornography Mod, The stream feature would work nicely with it.

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