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Skyrim - DragonBorn DLC " Worthy Release "

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck



PC = Confirmed

Xbox 360 = Confirmed

PS3 = Delayed/TBA

Actual Release Date:


Patch Arrived Beta : 1.80 [ Xbox and Pc only ] DLC not Included





With this official add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, journey off the coast of Morrowind, to the island of Solstheim. Encounter new towns, dungeons, and quests, as you traverse the ash wastes and glacial valleys of this new land. Become more powerful with shouts that bend the will of your enemies and even tame dragons. Your fate, and the fate of Solstheim, hangs in the balance as you face off against your deadliest adversary – the first Dragonborn.






Explore Beyond Skyrim - Leave the province of Skyrim and travel to the coastal island of Solstheim. Encounter the Dark Elven settlers of Raven Rock and the native Skaal, as you unravel the mystery of a Dragonborn’s return.




Become the Ultimate Dragonborn - Harness the power of the Voice as you face off against the first Dragonborn. Wield new shouts and spells including Dragon Aspect – allowing you to summon the inner power of a dragon to deliver colossal blows and strengthen other shouts.


New Powers - Discover dark powers as you journey into a new Daedric realm. Collect books of forbidden knowledge and choose new paths for your skills and abilities.


New dungeons, creatures, weapons, and more - Suit up in Bonemold and Chitin armors and wield Stalhrim weapons as you navigate through a myriad of dungeons. Battle formidable foes like Ash Spawn, Rieklings, and more.

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Guest Lady Luck

I thought there could only be one Dragonborn at a time and the previous one had to die before a new one appeared? :-/


Nope Theres plenty dragonborn only skyrim has the first one which all of us " The first " Lol.


Ok this is my theory ' date=' Remember Oblivion If any of you didn't finished oblivion i suggest skip reading this thread, it will spoil some of the story.


Theory - Mehrune Dagon Defeated By martin " is he truly dead?"


in my theory when mehrune dagon exploded, it didn't killed martin septim instead " turning him into a statue" Which i think that " Dawnstar museum " give us Hints , That museum tell us about dagon's scheme to destroy the septim descendants , which " not really destroyed" make sense right, so who was the first dragon born in skyrim either talos or martin septim , theres tales of the first dragon born somewhere in skyrim u have to search the books and actually read it Theres 1-100 speculation , if you finally know how to unlock the lore u know the whole story the infamous puzzle solving of elder scrolls series.


[i']Quote " he didn't Drain the soul like the 1st dragonborn in skyrim , thats the actual lineage what real dragonborn would do , but martin since he was plagued by deadric essences , he devoured which meant drain everything and anything even alduin is scared at martin which earn his place as 2nd akatosh aka " the first dragonborn" This is very predictable Trailer indeed, if we talk about tiber septim and the actual dragonborn character those are blades concept but this is ungodly he killed the dragon by not shouting just a touch then bam! bye2 dragon the ultimate dragonborn". [ got this from forums][/i]

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Guest Lady Luck

Raven Rock? You mean I can meet John Henry Eden in Skyrim?!




that would be highley likely just kidding , anyway , i heard rumors old character is returning to skyrim from morrowind its a reebot using skyrim engine , holy shit i cant wait , the final verdict " martin septim " controversy this is gonna be epic win!

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Guest Lady Luck

Oh shit' date=' i read on the forums this will no be the case, coz dawnguard and herthfire was the only dlc with xbox exclusive, i hope so..



wasnt exactly exclusive when they released it for PC a month after. Compared to PS3 users... well pretty much anyhting is exclusive


actually heres real conflict


pc and xbox 360 this year will get everything early while ps3 has to wait its same shit like dawnguard i feel bad for ps3 fans :(.

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Guest Lady Luck

Oh shit' date=' i read on the forums this will no be the case, coz dawnguard and herthfire was the only dlc with xbox exclusive, i hope so..



i loled this reply, ok let me explain future release will not have exclusivity anymore , Dawnguard is both xbox360 and pc now while ps3 well erm sorry they have to wait and pray, us pc gamers will have the goodies :P don't u just love bethesda!

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Guest Lady Luck

Oh shit' date=' i read on the forums this will no be the case, coz dawnguard and herthfire was the only dlc with xbox exclusive, i hope so..






There is no delaying on Dragonborn DLC , Bethesda take their time to port on PC , while xbox 360 monkeys i mean Gamers test it out for us pc owners while we get the "REAL" update . lol its like that , remember how dawnguard goes on xbox 360 its buggy as hell we got fixed by updating 1.8 we got reason to wait.



Xbox 360 and pc are now Exclusive DLC , PS 3 well you guys have to wait longer to have one :(.

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Guest Lady Luck

So tomorrow new dlc?


Yeap pc gamers didn't have to wait anymore it will be 2 weeks or a month released after xbox 360 , ps3 again ... no word.

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Guest Lady Luck

sadly we need to wait till 2013 for the Dragonborn dlc for pc ..well hopefully only 1 month


Actually we dont need to wait till 2013 ' date=' because bethesda already give us a hint on release date steam actually announced 1.8 patch which i already have months ago i think on steam i always patched my game thats why i made news every month will keep you guys updated till then we just enjoy the 1.8 patch.


update news!:


The next expansion pack for Skyrim, called Dragonborn, will arrive on PlayStation 3 and PC in early 2013 according to Bethesda.


In a post over on the Bethblog, the company explained that while the DLC will only arrive on Xbox 360 this week, it's still planned for other platforms at a future date.



The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released.




The post reads, "We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE. It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.


"We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.


"The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire."


The previous two expansions for the Skyrim, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, were originally meant to enjoy 30 days of exclusivity on Microsoft's console. Due to technical issues however, the DLC didn't make it to the PC for slightly longer and neither pack is yet to arrive on PS3, though Bethesda has regularly stated it is working hard to bring the latest content to PlayStation owners.


The blog post ends by thanking customers for their continued support, while also teasing that more Skyrim DLC is still to come.


"We’re still not done," it reveals. "We look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!"

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The latest add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragonborn, launches tomorrow on Xbox 360, as per Microsoft’s exclusivity agreement, and arrives on PC and PlayStation 3 (!!!) early next year.


Bethesda Game Studios made this promise to PS3 owners in a blog post today, and it suggests whatever work it has been doing in collaboration with Sony regarding Skyrim is making progress.


In the comment section, players asked about the game’s other add-ons coming to PS3, and Bestheda was non-committal, only promising updates there would be more updates in the future.


“We know you guys are hungry for more content, and we still have more in the works,” said the company. “We’ll share details with everyone as soon as we can.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda is saving the add-ons to drop at once alongside Dragonborn, or at least stagger them pretty close to one another when the technical issues have been resolved. We’ll see, but let's be optimistic!


Bethesda Game Studios has struggled with Sony’s platform all generation long, and Skyrim was no exception. In many cases, it was much worse, since it was broken in fundamental ways, and PS3 owners have yet to receive downloadable content that’s readily available elsewhere for technical reasons. Players have reason to be upset.



TLDR: The 1 month 360 exclusivity agreement is still in effect, PC will get the next DLC within the first or second week of the new year, and PS3 will get it eventually.

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So I just noticed that gamepressure has moved the release date of dragonborn form January 29th to the 19th of February but no other site including bethesdas officials has stated such a thing ,Most gamepressure release dates are correct uncluding smaller and less significant games so i was wondering if anyone else has heard of a February release .


gamepressure link

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