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Normal mapping with Photoshop CC


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Hey guys ive working on a new mod but i have a strange problem when i try to make textures with Photoshop CC


The Nvidia DDS plugin does not work with Photoshop CC so i have to use something simlear. But it does just not work proper - colormaps are no problem they work fine but i cannot change Normal-Maps if i export a normal (uncompressed) anything looks pretty much shiny or.. wet.


i tryed to use a spec-map as alpha inside the normal map - does not work

i tryed to export an Spec map - still shiny 


it feels like my spec-maps where just ignored -_-


i tryed all compression modes that are available - for Normal-Maps is it only uncompressed or BC5 8bpp linear 2channel tangents - the second one exports the normal in greenish-colors.


my question is now - how do i export normal maps with photoshop cc? ^^


edit:// thats the one i use intel dds plugin



edit2:// Nevermind ive fond a solution.. 


the DDS import/Export from Nvidia tool works (just the Normal-map filter let Ps crash so dont use it..) 


just install both of them the NVidia DDS Plugin and the Intel DDS Plugin.

Use the Intel-Plugin to import DDS files to Photoshop

Use the Intel-Plugin for the Normal-Map filter (Not Nvidia, it will crash your game.

Use NVidia DDS plugin to Export your DDS file as Usual.



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The shine and wet is not from the normal map it's from the spec map.

Try to invert colors for the spec map. I don't know how or why but sometimes when everything is shiny and wet inverting colors fix it.


I don't know about the normal proplem. I never had it.



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9 minutes ago, Harlekin said:

oh.. who can read is clearly in advantage.^^ - again, thanks :)


You will find that Shadermap is WAAAY better than a crumby PS plug-in.  Open your .dds file, make your normal, save as DXT1, save your specular as DXT1 (try at about -90), Open the "_NORM" in PS, make a new alpha channel and drop in your "_SPEC" file. Save as DXT5.  Works great with much more control on the bump.

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