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  1. the location - or at least the mod that inhabits the location would interest me too
  2. okay, i just hope until my next setup is needed there will be hopefully a Nemesis-update orat least an tutorial..^^ thanks guy's
  3. Hey there, I've made a new setup a few weeks ago and seen now theres a new Animation-Setup-tool out (nemesis). And there come more and more mods out, that aren't compatible with Fnis. And Fnis is no longer supported... and.. stuff xD So how is the compatibility with Sexlab? Does it change the install precedere dramatically? Or is it just as always but with "start nemesis" instead of "start Fnis"?^^ i ask clearly not for my actual setup.. it would just break anything to change between Fnis and Nemesis midgame.. but i ask for my next setup and i ask
  4. Hi, AAF (or basicly more the errection-morph-system never worked in my gamesetups very well before. But now is the Zex-Skelleton out, two fitting bodymods for that with any features that i could wish for. Even the first animation mod is using the new features what solves all the problems that i had in the past with AAF (basicly errectionproblems x) ) but anyway's now i want to try this time to dont use the errection-morph system... to spare my nerves a bit x'D Atomic Lust works extremely good but the amount of (basicly ground animations) is very limited.. furniture animations:
  5. Hi, i really like the climbing system of assassins creed - and i thaught it must be possible to give skyrim a simlear System. Maybe not so detailed but it must be possible. at first: i properly don't make this mod/framework on my own because my todo list is already long enough and i have to many projects where im working on - but maybe someone will use the idea and.. hints(?) how to realize it. Also: I have at the moment not the rescources or the knowlage to create / implement new animations to skyrim. my thaught was to create a Framework to deal with trigger-boxes that
  6. yeah me too - i hope i can download that mod - i really like it and played it already a few times.^^ one of my favorits..^^ even when ll refreshes fast as yet.. the download is broken like im telling above o.o finally after trying 2 days i get it xD
  7. hmpf the 133 download seams to be broken i cant download it the download breks by 45% if i press then continue it goes to 65, then i Need to Restart and ist jumps zu 99 and never finish.. tryed with different Browsers - other Downloads from the download-page works Pretty well.. so is there a Mirror or can someone please make one?^^'
  8. Hi, i dont know if a mod (or a collection of mods..) already exists but thats the reason why i opened that threat. Like the title sayed: im looking for SoS compatible Bodyslide files for the nude male body and also of course fitting files for all armors and clothes. I know that male-content is not so many out there as female but honestly i can not imagine that no one has that already done o.o But Google did not helped me finding what ive searched. so maybe one of you can help me
  9. hey, im looking for a vendor / shop / merchant - stall mod that i used in my last playthrough... the shops are basicly decorated ruined cars - a bit crappy but fitting very well - does anyone know that mod and know where to find it?^^ edit:// found out its "Vendor Vans" - but its deleted ..
  10. aah fine :3 ... and yes for my opinion is AAF as Sexmod right now the best example ^^ but i think it will take a few years to get it on sex-lab-level^^ But are right now animationpacks out that uses only errections by bone's and not via morphs?
  11. yes same here xD i have also so much things in my mind but my max license is expired since a few years.. xD and i still refuse to use blender x'DD yes bodytalk sounds like a step in the right direction but not that what ive mean. So far i know its still based on leitos mod and needed that to be installed before. No offence against leito, his animations or modding arts - i really like this stuff. At the moment AAF as sexmod installing feels... way to complicated - and the endresult feels - actually really buggy.. or unstable - i think in personal its because so many mods hook together..
  12. Mh anything what ive remember where was asking about different races was savage cabbages animation pack i think.. but i dont knoiw if thats the problem and.. i have to say i dont want to test it.. my actual setup is instable enough without playing around x'D and its the first time that aaf is working right without the limp penis bug x'D
  13. Hi i have a question: on the one of the screenshots above it looks like you could talk to your prostitutes and ask them to have sex with you but if i try to talk with her she is only opening her inventory. or in .. "be a hooker mode" you can sell your self on her or in .. "hirering mode" you can only reset her. o.o im a bit confused.^^ Nevermind - Fastrravel away and get back solve that 'problem' xD... but another: theres no race restrictions or? because my prostitute is trying to have sex with a cat, a radroach, a construction-Bot and a brahmin x'D - n
  14. Hey there! Is actually someone working on a Schlongs of Skyrim / Fallout version? Because now is a new Skeleton with Penis-Bones out, McM is out, Fo4SE is out - it should be anything needed out there. the problem what i see is that the most (if not all) animations for AAF out there, not have an animated Penis so that it whould mostly not compatible with the animations that already out there. but anyway's - i hope someone is already working on it and i also hope also that the animators will be supporting it soon
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