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I have a problem guys I think it is something that changes interiors but can't really say and find out what. I would really appriciate any help and suggestions. My problem is when I try to enter in buidlings, no matter by coc or by door the game just CTD. I manage to enter only in Dragonsreach the other placeses I tryed was equal to CTD ( BanneredMare, WindhelmBlacksmith, Temple of Kynareth ) , I havent problems outside towns. I attached my loadorder if someone is interested in it. Just to let you know the game runs rly good, everything is clean, patched and etc, but maybe I did miss something. I have few texture mods that are for Oldrim and are not converted, but I dont think they can damage interiors. Thanks for the help and your time!



Edit : Tested Oldrim texture mods, they are not the problem. Tested JK Skyrim all in one and ELFX - still crash

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17 minutes ago, Yinkle said:

try removing some animation packs 1st

but I was playing the game for like 3-4 h before getting to Whiterun and when I tryed to enter the Banner Mare was my first crash, after that I tryed to go in temple and then use commands to see if it crashes again, the intersting part was that I didn t get CTD when I teleport to dragonsreach, but I got CTD when I teleported to windhelm blacksmith. It is alright, I can remove few animations for the test.

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The animations are no-no. When I dont get CTD on loadscreen I crash mostly at first floor when I get closer to fire ... or at least it looks like that. When I use coc I'm on the second floor, when I get down and move closer to fire I get CTD, so I tested fire effects too but no luck. There is one more interesting thing - Huldas face looks broken, darker then her body and I dont know what messed her up as I have only Bjini mod ... I'm really lost ... tommrow after work I will continue exploring and testing, if enoyone got anything please, PLEASE, share it! Thanks!

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