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  1. Still cant figure it out, what I did was just hide textures.bsa . Is this what I had to do or something more advanced ? Btw even with hidden textures its buggy and missing textures EDIT: I didnt poke in the mod itself, there is sweet option to turn off mod textures so you can use a custom one .... I feel stupid! Thanks for the help anyway!
  2. Hello everyone, I dont know is my question for here, its related to SSE edition, but I'll pop it in. Sorry in advance I'm just tired of searching and trying fixing the problem. I'm using Moonlight Tales and all the creatures/critters mods ... question is, do they all conflict with Moonlight or just HCOS and is there a way to fix it? The problem is, dont know about gameplay yet, but the texture of femalewerewolf is really fucked up. Thanks in advance!
  3. ah, so it was quite close to the google translator, thank you very much. Now I need to figure out from what mod is that. Thank you again!
  4. Hello everyone, I need little help with one mod. Its not about is it working or not its simple translating so I can figure out from what mod that came and try to find eng patch for it. Can anyone tell me what does that mean and eventually from what mod it is : Komm, einen Hund wie dich kann ich gebrauchen I just don't wanna poke unloading every mod to figure it out because now my game runs good and smooth and all is perfect. I'm suspecting Maria Eden, but cant be really sure since I used google translator and have no really clue .... thank you very very very much!
  5. Hey guys, dumb question, can I use ME with SSE ? I found it in the suggestion section from SS Plus SE. Thanks for the answer!
  6. talking about the memoryalocation and everything in the inis files, everything is set and configured to work as it must be
  7. As far as I can see and understand it is already set, it is not like Legendary where you must calculate and set everything manualy, right ?
  8. Problem solved, it was my mistake on the left panel.
  9. I dont even have/use SSE Engine, but I fixed the problem, for now at least. Turns out I messed up somehow NPCs mods and when I enter place with moded NPCs the game crashes. I had to work with the left panel a bit more careful. Just in case I reduced my animations too. I'm sorry for kinda blaming that great mod - Aroused Creature, as I said before I love it !!!! Accept my appologize!
  10. I'm gonna test it. I think my CTD probelm is a bit bigger but cant figure out what is the cause of that. Maybe too much scripts or/and animations, I dont rly know, now I'm gonna test clean game only with Alter Start and SL mods. Interesting thing is that I get CTD only when I load to interiors or I'm in interiors and not every interior is actually crashing, it is really really interesting and drives me crazy!
  11. Hey, hey ! I love this mod since Original version but in SSE I have a one problem, I dont know what cause it really but the mod cause CTD when I want to go in BanneredMare ( for example ) and tested few more interiors. I couldnt believe it but I'm pretty sure as I found it the hard way, mod by mod, activating and testing and the winner was Aroused Creatures SE. I was playing 3-4 h without any problems till I ended up at front door of BanneredMare and there was the begining of 3 days struggle of what mod cause CTD. Any ideas?
  12. it turns out that SexLab Aroused Creatures SE somehow fuckt up everything, I dont know really why. Found it the hard way, mod by mod. EDIT: ok it is not that mod, I don't get it really …. still looking for some suggestions
  13. The animations are no-no. When I dont get CTD on loadscreen I crash mostly at first floor when I get closer to fire ... or at least it looks like that. When I use coc I'm on the second floor, when I get down and move closer to fire I get CTD, so I tested fire effects too but no luck. There is one more interesting thing - Huldas face looks broken, darker then her body and I dont know what messed her up as I have only Bjini mod ... I'm really lost ... tommrow after work I will continue exploring and testing, if enoyone got anything please, PLEASE, share it! Thanks!
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