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VotW Shadbase Animations

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This mod adds several animations found on Shadbase, surprisingly (or not) a lot of them are furry stuff but ... eh. This mod requires Videos of the Wasteland 2



Install using Nexus Mod Manager (or any other manager)


Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory

 > If you do not want to use the DriveIn, remove ShadAnimationsDI.esp

Updating: Uninstall the old version > load your save > save > install the new version

The patch fixes the problem where crafting film reels uses misc items instead of components.



Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435 (and the DriveIn plugin)



Is shadman ok with this?

- For as far as I know he even encourages it.

Why do you do this?!

- Boredom



Other VotW stuff:



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7 hours ago, TheDestroyerOfWorlds said:

I think the volume is just really low, normally I boost the volume somewhat but apparently I didn't do it for that video

well i set the votw audio to max and still couldn't hear anything. i'll see if reinstalling it helps otherwise have a good day and thanks for replying :)

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7 hours ago, TheDestroyerOfWorlds said:

No don't worry, it's a problem with the mod, I'll update it sometime, apparently I wrote a name wrong.

ah, alright then. i wish you luck with it when you get around to it. keep up the good work and have a good day my dood ?

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3 hours ago, Lusask said:

Yo, dude. It's me again reporting a problem. Both the "Bath time" holotape and film reel can't be put in their players, just says "item can not be stored here" or something. That's all from me and i hope you have a good day!

It works in my game, did you update the mod correctly? You first have to uninstall the old version, load your save, save it and then install the new version. Otherwise VotW won't pick up the changes very well.

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On 11/16/2021 at 6:34 AM, 666Alucard666 said:

hey man, I downloaded this and a few other of your mods but I'm getting a problem with the film reels.

in the attached images is my problem, i have no idea what this could be?




OK I figured out the issue, the reels are looking for the components themselves rather then anything containing the components i.e. aluminium counts as a useable resource but a aluminium cans do not count as one.

Edited by 666Alucard666
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On 11/16/2021 at 9:14 AM, 666Alucard666 said:

OK I figured out the issue, the reels are looking for the components themselves rather then anything containing the components i.e. aluminium counts as a useable resource but a aluminium cans do not count as one.

I can probably fix that in a future update.


On 11/24/2021 at 6:57 PM, DumCumpster said:

videos are not playing

could be an issue with VOTW itself and not your mod, but i dont know

any way to fix?

You can craft the tapes and put them in the players? Are you certain the player has power and is turned on? Try the basic VotW tapes to test.


8 hours ago, moery said:

just wanna say thats not shadman that is zonkpunch i think his name is that


On 4/13/2021 at 4:48 PM, TheDestroyerOfWorlds said:

Never said they were made by shadman, I said they were on shadbase.


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Hello, this is probably a bad place to ask but I don't know where else to go. I've been trying to add my own videos to VotW and I've been following the tutorials on youtube but i'm running into an issue. When I run the batch scripts the last grid.dds file is filled with white instead of black. I just want to know if you had this issue while you were making any of your mods and how you went about fixing. 


EDIT: The problem somehow magically fixed itself. Go figure, sorry for wasting precious forum space. Have a good day and keep making good mods.

Edited by Jesus_Christ_Denton
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