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Wish for "ReadMe"


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I really wish that all modders would include a "ReadMe" file with their mod.   For those that already do, thanks!

For those that don't, here's why the description on the page is not quite enough.  I'll often DL several mods at once  The one I want, and any requirements it has, or just multiple mods.  By the time I finish loading them I'll have forgotten what the rest of the description said about them.  For example where the spell/key/etc. is located, or what key-presses to what.   Yes, I can always come back to the site and find the description again.  But it would be really nice if I could just open the ReadMe from the DL and read it there.


Off the soap-box, back to Skyrim...

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Well, now that you realize this won't always be the case, it'd be easy enough to check first. If no read-me is found, then just copy the header page with all info to a text file and save it yourself.


I've done this on several occasions. I'm just glad others spend so much time giving us free content I can't be bothered to burden them more......

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