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Random morphs cbbe BodyGen Preset

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Well this is my preset to give the female characters different body morph.
I share it mostly because I think it's a somewhat unknown feature of Looksmenu (at least I did not know it until a few weeks ago). This will give more variety and realism to the female body npc and I think it's the lightest and compatibility friendly way to do this.




Caliente CBBE body


Bodyslide and make the body, clothes and armors with "Cbbe zeroed slider" preset (included with bodyslide) with the "morph" box checked.


known issues: 

The body of your character will remain with the zeroed slider preset, if someone knows how to solve this, tell me.

I think I chose too many thin presets but you can easily do it your own preset with this tool. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88707 just follow the instructions.

The generation of the body is totally random, so you can have a hot Mama Murphy. Although I tried not to choose bodies that are too extravagant, they are rather "realistic".


Note: If you have a mod that adds or edits female characters you have to create a folder inside Data \ F4SE \ Plugins \ F4EE \ BodyGen and give it the name of the plugin then copy the contents of any of the folders that are in that folder (BodyGen) "morphs.ini "and" templates.ini ". It is not necessary to delete folders of mods that you do not have.



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40 minutes ago, zorak912 said:

The body of your character will remain with the zeroed slider preset, if someone knows how to solve this, tell me.

I use bodygen at the moment and I really like it but I don't have the problem that you have

however it does reset the body morphs when you change presets in looksmenu so maybe that is your issue


also for me, I have found that bodygen only works when the folder in \Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\ is named as the last mod in your list

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Have you found a way to prevent player body from changing ?? i saw your template and i think you need to add your player id in order to prevent bodygen to change your body you can already do that at the start of a new game.


# Player
Fallout4.esm|14=No Change


This is how i used to prevent bodygen from editing player body you can also do your manual editing for named npc but you need to figure out what their base game ID is and place it there.


Here is an example for piper:


morph file:


# Piper


Template will look like this:


Divinity_Skinny_BiggerChest=7B Lower@0.25:0.75, 7B Upper@0.25:0.75, AppleCheeks@0.16:0.66, ArmpitHeight@0.25:0.75, Arms@0.0:0.35, Back@0.0:0.5, BackArch@0.0, Belly@0.08:0.58, BigBelly@0.0:0.2, BigButt@0.0, BigTorso@0.08:0.58, BreastCenter@0.0, BreastCenterBig@0.75:1.0, BreastFantasy@0.42:0.92, BreastFlatness2@0.42:0.92, BreastPerkiness@0.0:0.15, BreastTopSlope@0.0, Breasts@0.08:0.58, BreastsCleavage@0.58:1.0, BreastsGone@0.0:0.09, BreastsSmall@0.0, BreastsSmall2@0.08:0.58, BreastsTogether@0.0, Butt@1.0, ButtCrack@0.75:1.0, ButtNew@0.25:0.75, ButtShape2@0.0, ButtSmall@0.0:0.35, CalfSize@0.75:1.0, CalfSmooth@0.75:1.0, ChestDepth@0.08:0.58, ChestWidth@0.0:0.35, ChubbyArms@0.0, ChubbyButt@0.0, ChubbyLegs@0.0:0.15, ChubbyWaist@0.0:0.35, CrotchBack@0.5:1.0, DoubleMelon@0.0, ForearmSize@0.0:0.35, Groin@1.0, HipBack@0.08:0.58, HipBone@0.0:0.15, HipUpperWidth@0.0:0.41, Hips@0.0:0.5, LegShape@0.0:0.5, MuscularArms@0.0:0.5, MuscularButt@0.0, MuscularChest@0.0:0.41, NipplePerk2@0.25:0.75, NipplePerkiness@0.0:0.5, NippleSize@0.0:0.5, PregnancyBelly@0.0:0.2, RoundAss@0.75:1.0, ShoulderSmooth@0.0:0.5, ShoulderTweak@0.25:0.75, ShoulderWidth@0.5:1.0, SlimThighs@0.0:0.15, TummyTuck@0.0, VanillaFo4@0.0, Waist@1.0, WideWaistLine@0.0:0.15


This is how i used to create body gen templates before my gaming rig got busted.


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I should mention that there is a bug that if you have everyone changed by bodygen then dead bodies will be bugging so their bodies will disappear and only the heads remain until there is a change to their inventory. (My treatment to this, is to create a new non-morphable body with a small of non-morphable clothes and attached them to dead bodies.)


also a small of number of clothing mods will not work properly such as Niero's mod (because of how he made his mods)

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