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Breezes New Vegas Males for BodySlide


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 This was my conversion of the Breezes male body for FNV in BodySlide. I was going to make a new follower with this, but, ran into some troubles/lost interest in it and stopped working on it. So I decided I would put the conversion files out there if anyone is interested. I don't remember exactly how I did this and I'll need to start messing with it again to see how it works. Here is a screenie or two of what I was working on-


Screenshot (151).jpg



Note that I did not experiment with this much at all and could not get the penis mesh to look right. :P If anyone is interested in this, then I might look at working on it some more. BTW, any textures should work for the Breeze Male Body- which you obviously will need for this to work. You will also need A.J.'s wonderful CBBE-NV BodySlide conversion mod found right here is this forum. If you have any problems, I will try to help.


Here are the conversion and preset files.

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It seems like you took the Breeze mesh and used it like a cloth, conforming to the CBBE sliders. Imho, the best approach would be making custom sliders that make sense for males, or pick a Bodyslide male body from FO4 and port it, with the appropriate permissions, as I did with the first CBBE BS. What do you think?

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