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Glowing creature bits/horrid FPS loss


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I have no idea what's causing this, but every time I try to engage in sex with a non-human creature, parts of their anatomy will start to glow, producing terrible FPS loss. Eventually the game completely bogs down and locks up.


I've tried resetting my graphics options, and disabling mods, but nothing seems to clear it up. I'm wondering if it's a missing texture map somewhere.


Anyone else seen this, and figured out how to fix it?

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Yes. Multiple times. It's not just dogs, either- most non-human creatures do something similar. Seems like it might be a messed up effect but I'm not sure what's causing it. Has to be a lovers plugin though, as they look normal until it kicks in.

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Well, it's fixed. Sorta. They still get shiny/glowy, but it takes time and leaving the area resets it. It's bearable. It seems to be part of something that makes me/genitals shiny over time. I'm guessing this was part of some mod, but I've only got the base Lovers for PK, LoversRaperS, and LoversCreature active now...

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