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How to manually end a sex act via console?

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Hi all,


Is there any way to enter commands into the console to manually end a sex act? In a fit of stupidity, I decided to use "enableplayercontrols" in the console to get out of a sex act that froze without animation, so I could continue playing. So now sex acts don't work because the PC is still considered "in use", as the debug messages in console give "NGsan:aborting due to 5.6" (or sometimes 6.2). I even killed the guy that started the broken sex act, but apparently that doesn't end the sex act.

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For NPCs, you can open up the console, look at their inventory, remove the various Sexout debug tokens, and then resurrect them. But I don't think it's a good idea (or even possible) to resurrect the Player, so you'll probably have to reload to a save prior to starting the broken sex act.

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