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Problem with Skyrim and NIFSkope


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Hello, I recently downloaded an armor mod that doesn't support CBBE bodyslide) for my character in Skyrim.

The chest of the armor and the one of the character were too different, so i decided to use NIFSkope to edit the .nif file and adjust it by myself.

After adjusting it, I overwritted the old .nif file with the new one and started the game, but whenever I wear this new armor the size of the chest goes back to the size he had before I edited it. :-/

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

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Make a copy of the minimum one somewhere you won't loose it.


Then delete the minimum one and make a 2nd copy of the max one and rename it to the minimum one. Then see if it works. I am guessing that the body slider for this isn't working thus you are ending up with the minimum one. Either that or your edit isn't working and the game is rejecting it.

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