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What car do you drive?!

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Two wheels allowed ??


Well ... you do drive it ... :P


But the title are Car to begin with. :s Top Gear stuff?

Ah nvm. Here is my bike. Road Bike Element FRC-65 200$




:D (This is really getting out of topic.)


EDIT: And, No i'm not selling my bike. LOL.

Even if L.Armstrong retires.

Well, You know.

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Actually it depends on your body weight, Element Bike's carbon fiber frame can't support 140 lbs++ rider. the roller chain and chain sprocket gears tend to wear faster. It gets especially nasty when it comes to ride, UP - Down Hill. Of course there are bigger build size to support 140 Lbs++ sportsman.


It's cheap transport, No Gas, No Tax.

But takes lots of calories & juices from breakfast.

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Guest flingingfeces

I drive a 08 Chevy Z71 and a 2012 Ford Super Duty, but speaking of bikes I have a few friends that all ride crotch rockets. I gave one a go the other day and kinda liked it. I've always wanted a motorcycle. I really like the look of a Hayabusa and luckily enough I can buy my friends 06 for a little over 2k? What do you think?



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Depending on your age, the insurance for a Hayabusa could cost you more than what you are paying for your trucks. For good reason, insurance companies equate crotch rockets with 'stupid'. All of the friends I have that owned one, all got rid of them within a year or two.....or died. Having that much speed just brings out the stupid in all of us. I was not any different. I switched to a cruiser and enjoy riding much more.


Not saying that you lack the willpower, just a word of warning. I couldn't resist twisting the throttle to 'see what she could do' myself so.......

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SICK looking bike FF, but gregthit's right about insurance. Mine's a 2002 Suzuki GSF600, plenty of fun without actually being suicidal. Also, most insurance companies consider it a 'Standard' and not a sport bike, so insurance won't kill ya either. Just put it away for winter.


Car, just bought a Mini Cooper, it's a rocket and handles like a go cart and is almost as fun as the bike.

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In order 1( Opel Kadett 1982 ) 2( Saab 900 198? ) 3( Nissan Bluebird 1984 ) 4( Lada 1200 1991 ) 5( Volvo 240 198? ) 6( Volvo 240 198? ) 7( Alfa Romeo 33 199? ) and my current ( Ford Escort Station Wagon 1997 ) Goddamn cheap junk cars :dodgy:




You sir have a good taste on cars

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