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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if there was a way for me to get beautiful people 2ch ed without joining nexus. I tried getting them from media fire and when I try to extract them it tells me the file is broken. I tried downloading them from mega but the files aren't there. So am I out of luck? Thanks.

  2. Hi Verstort, v6.0 works flawlessly for me. Thank you for all the work on this mod. R13.
  3. Hey xXDeliteXx These gladiator heels are georgeous. Thank you.
  4. Hi Chase, Thanks for this mod, I think it's an extremely ambitious and clever idea. I think this is exactly the type of integration mod that many people are looking for, which is why I find myself puzzled that this mod doesn't yet seem to be getting the attention I think it deserves. After thinking about it, I blame the name ... I think Deviously Enslaved is misleading and doesn't do your mod justice. IMO some people aren't looking for a mod that adds more bondage gear to the game, which is what many of the 'Devious' titles seek to do. AND I think your mod is being lost amoun
  5. Sure. Simple Wrye Bash file structure in ENG attached. (note: this doesn`t include the options zaria included with the file (if you want those I would create a more complex file structure). UPDATE: Added a missing file (see post below (thanks Zaria!)) Maria-v1-13-0.7z
  6. Hi crash-hawk, I think zaria set this up for MO or NMM and the Maria.esp folder won't show up in a Wrye Bash install without some folder tweaking. I still prefer Wrye Bash and if you open the spoiler tab blelow you can see how I re-organized the folders for a Wrye Bash install..
  7. Brilliant!!! That was it, was on the streewalker quest and not wearing the standard slave collar which was why the dialogue options weren't resticted. Although ... I kinda liked the dialogue restrictions even when wearing the other slave collar. Thanks Zaria, and thank you too aqqh.
  8. I don't think I was clear. My PC can kneel (and do all the animations associated with this mod). My question is related to a feature where, the PC had to be kneeling in order to access the normal conversation options with NPCs. In the last version 1.11, if my PC attempted to speak to a NPC while standing, the PC would only say "I don't speak to slaves", UNLESS the PC knelt, in which case normal dialogue options were available. I liked this feature and am hoping it comes back in v1.13.
  9. Hi Zaria, Thanks for all the work on the mod, I enjoy it very much. I'd like to ask about kneeling to interact with NPCs. In previous versions, if my PC attempted to speak to an NPC while standing, the NPC would say something like 'I don't talk to slaves' and the PC would have to kneel to open normal dialogue. I really liked this feature as I thought this was a very clever way of reinforcing the slave status of the PC. This appears to no longer be a feature for me in -v1-12-0. Do you intend to continue to support this feature in future versions? thanks, R13.
  10. The amount of work you've done really shows in the quality of the work you've delivered with this mod.
  11. Hi Hraudun,This ctd is usually caused by Show Race Menu trying to load all your hair options into the cache (overloading it's memory). If you don't have it yet, load ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer and you should be fine. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526/?
  12. Zaria, I just wanted to pop in to give you an overdue 'THANK YOU'. I am impressed with your creativity in developing this mod and in implementing it in such a clever fashion within the limits of the Skyrim engine. I also want to acknowledge what must have been a tremendous amount of work to get this mod to work as well as it does ... Thank you. Also ... One small request. I noticed from reading an earlier post that in v.1.11 you will be making animals hostile and bandits hostile when alone. Thanks for this, however, would it be possible to, perhaps just an MCM option, ha
  13. Ashal, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I lke the new features and appreciate all the work you put in to this framework. R.13
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