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  1. It could, but the problem could also be a mod. I have 16gb of ram in my computer, and for the longest time Skyrim wouldn't even run. Usually it would start, get about half way through the Bethesda screen and crash, just like if I was missing an ESM, but I wasn't missing anything. I could try running it over and over until it started to work. Sometimes it would take up to an hour of starting the game and then instantly crashing, and starting it again, and crashing again before it would finally get to the main menu screen. I tried removing all the animation mods, no impro
  2. My phone is set to vibrate. But my alarm is this: Now you may wonder what in the world is that sound. Here's a low res video of Tom Morello showing how it's done:
  3. A new character from me, meet Esme Bettencort, Vampire: She's quite petite, I'm using one of the UUNP skinny bodies, weight at 0, and she's about 3 or 4 inches shorter than the average breton girl.
  4. Be warned, AAF and all related sex mods are incredibly basic compared to SexLab. Also, most of the animations themselves aren't as polished as the animations in SexLab.
  5. You know, that's all people talk about, Obsidian doing another Fallout. There is a problem with that... Almost everyone that worked on New Vegas is no longer at Obsidian. Most of them aren't even working anywhere anymore.
  6. You should be able to pull up the little sticker on the fan hub, and under that will be a little rubber plug. Pull that out, and put a couple drops of light machine oil in the hole, put the plug back on, and put the sticker back on, it should work again, it might last a week, and it might last another 4 years.
  7. He was in their documentary "You see me Laughing" It's mostly about RL (because he was their big star) but Junior Kimbrough, T Model Ford, Cedell Davis, and a few others are in it. Really good doc, even though Bono is in it for a couple of minutes.
  8. Not surprised. RL kind of overshadowed everyone on Fat Possum Records.
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