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What should I do now?

Ark of Truth

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What should I do now?


I have ran out of stuff to do.


- I have finished BB modding for Oblivion. :)

- Was going to help out with Fallout NV but never heard back from the modder, :dodgy:

- MonsterGirl Apocalypse for Oblivion can wait for now until I have more free time. :-/

- My personal mod which I was creating for someone is on hold until I get some feedback. :s

- All the MMOs I play with people here are boring because I am playing by myself again. :(

So yeah? Anyone need help with anything? Before I go completely crazy. :s

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I will need some help play testing a few of the updates for lovers with PK. But I won't really have most ready for a few days (maybe not until next weekend).


Another goal I have is to use the latest version of LPK (rev 96) and test it against all plugins on this site to find out what it does work with and what it does not (if there are any). Right now that is the only thing keeping me from updating the site from rev91 to rev96. I plan on starting to do this after I get the updates done, but the more hands that jump in, the quicker it will get done.


If none of those interest you Varenne is running PyFFI on all the meshes in the BU armor mod packs I put together and we need someone to test them to make sure it doesn't break things. She should have a link up in a day or so.


Again, no pressure, as I or others are planning on doing these things. Just thought I would chime in with some thoughts for you. :)

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